Wednesday, September 17, 2014

As Above So Below

Good things rarely happen in tombs. 

I finally caught this film tonight and I was pleasantly surprised.  I'm not sure why it hasn't gotten better reviews, it's a very effective horror movie. 

The movie tells the story of a woman ( Perdita Weeks) who takes a group to the catacombs under Paris in search of the Philosopher's Stone.

Things start to go bad almost immediately, and then get even worse.  I won't spoil anything by saying what it is that they encounter, but it was very different than I expected.

The movie does a great job conveying the claustrophobic feelings of the group. There were a few scenes where you could almost feel the walls closing in on you. 

Some people have complained about the "found footage" angle of it.  I can honestly say this is one film where that didn't bother me.  By outfitting everyone in the group with a camera, we weren't limited to one POV.  Before anyone asks, yes there is a reason that all the footage is edited together. 

Check this movie out, and do it in the theater. This is a film that benefits from being seen with an audience.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Night of the Walking Dead

My friend Perry is organizing a Zombie walk. The walk last year was a great success, and this year looks to be even better.  

It will be held at:
The Boathouse Restaurant
2035 SE Us Highway 19, Crystal River, Florida 34429
 The fun begins at 4pm at The Boathouse Restaurant in Crystal River. Here you will be able to GRAB something to eat along with join in on some fun Zombie games.
This will be from 4pm to 8pm.
This will be open to ALL ages.
The AFTER party will be held at liquid lagoon next door and will be for 21 and up only.
This will be from 8pm till 2am

Go to the Facebook page for more information.

I hope to see you there!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Top Ten Aquatic Horror Movies

Aquatic horror movies have always been a favorite of mine.  I find being on water scary personally, mostly because you never know what's out there with you.  You've got sharks, alligators, piranha, squids, octopi,  and other creatures that actively want to eat you.  Then you've got brain eating amoebas floating around just waiting for a chance to melt your brain.

So here's my top ten aquatic horror movies that aren't Jaws.  I left off Jaws because it's classic in it's own right.

10. Creature

If you're Peter Benchley how do you make sharks scarier? You give them arms and legs and have them chase Craig T. Nelson and Kim Cattrall.

9. Beast 
 Another Peter Benchley entry, this one has William Peterson doing battle with a giant squid.  Originally a made for TV mini series, it's been edited down to movie length for some DVD versions.  

8. Ghost Ship
The opening scene alone secured this one a place on the list.  The rest of the movie is good, but that opening scene is what you'll remember.

7. Dagon 
Actually based on "The Shadow over Innsmouth" Dagon begins with a ship wreck.  The survivors find themselves trapped in town where people like the woman above live.  If that isn't enough to make you leave town in a hurry I don't know what will.

6. Alligator 

Based on one of the greatest urban legends of all time, this movie really delivers.  I saw it as a kid and the scene at the children's birthday party really freaked me out.

5. Shark Night 
If you combine I know what you Did Last Summer, Jaws and Saw you get Shark Night.  That is such a ridiculous idea that I had to see it.   This one is fun to watch with a group, but kind of a drag if you watch it alone. 

4.  Deep Rising 
While the creature effects are way to busy, the cast is top notch.  Another fun movie to watch with your friends.  A great game to play is who can do the best imitation of the sound the first mercenary killed makes.

A great film that didn't get enough attention when it was released.  The scariest thing in this movie wasn't the fish, it was the people.

2. The Deep Blue Sea 
I went into this movie knowing nothing about it and was blown away.  This film managed to really throw me for a loop with some of the deaths.

1. Leviathan
I liked this movie when I saw it in theaters.  It had a great cast and great effects.  What really made me love this was seeing it again in college.  The Campus Activities Board showed it at the pool.  They had a screen at one end of the pool and you could watch while floating in the pool or sitting beside it.  It was great being in the dark, floating in the water watching this. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Willow Creek

This reminds me of "In the Hills, the cities" by Clive Barker
Found footage, Bigfoot and Bobcat Goldthwait are an unlikely mix for a horror movie.  I went in to this not convinced it would work.  Bobcat is a talented filmmaker but I wasn't sure he could pull this off.  My doubts proved to unfounded however. 

A bad night for camping.
and star as Kelly and Jim who go out to the woods to try and catch some footage of Bigfoot.  They wind up getting more than they bargained for. 

The first half of this movie is very bright, cheery and mostly played for laughs.  It was almost like a Christopher Guest film.  One night falls, the movie really ups the scares and tension level.  After watching this film it's safe to say I'll never go Bigfoot hunting, 

My only problem with the movie is that end is one of the most WTF things I've ever seen, and there's no real explanation.  I would have liked a few more minutes to wrap things up. 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Spooky Empire's May-Hem

I will attending all three days.  If they could have gotten Jamie Lee Curtis it would be a clean sweep of the Halloween cast. 

I think I'm most excited to meet the Godzilla guys. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Almost Human

In horror movies nothing good ever happens in the woods.

I first heard about this movie on The Movie Crypt last year.  It sounded interesting and once it was available on VOD, I decided to check it out.  

Writer/director Joe Begos does a great job of capturing the feel of an 80's horror movie.  This is the type of movie my friends I would rent when I was in high school.  It's gritty, tense and disturbing, all of which I mean in a good way.  

The most amazing thing about this movie is that the whole thing was made for $50,000.  Which is proof that story and talent are way more important that budget.  

The Blu-Ray will be released on June 17th and I'm anxious to hear the commentary and see the behind the scenes footage.

If you're looking for an old school VHS horror movie, this is it.